On March 11th, ROCK YOUR LIFE! kick-started its first pilot project. After months of preparation, hard work and perseverance from the team, we were proud to bring together 16 mentors and mentees.

The Hotelschool The Hague Skotel Gym was filled with excitement and a vibrant buzz from the early morning onwards. Our mentors finally got to meet the students a.k.a. mentees from the Francois Vatelschool and the ROC Mondriaan and were matched in the morning after they got to know each other better during the first activities.

The freshly matched mentors and mentees started rocking right away with the first training by Ms Jiménez. She informed the group more about the ROCK YOUR LIFE! programme, shared success stories from Germany and guided the mentors and mentee through their first steps.

Throughout the coming months the mentors and mentees will meet individually to define and work on their individual goals until the second mentoring training in the beginning of June.

Although, there was a long build up to the launch of the ROCK YOUR LIFE! The Hague, it was definitely worth the wait. The overall atmosphere of the day was fun and introspective.

We are excited for what the future will hold for ROCK YOUR LIFE! The Hague.