Become a mentee

ROCK YOUR LIFE! connects you with a university student – your mentor.

After a first meeting and a matching ceremony, you as a mentee can choose your desired mentor among the students. Together as a mentoring couple you participate in several trainings. You discover your strengths and talents and realise what personal and academic/professional goals you want to achieve.

Your mentor is there to help you achieve your goals. In addition to these trainings, you will meet with your mentor on a regular basis, doing whatever makes you both happy – whether you’re going to the movies together, playing soccer, or chilling in the park.

Benefits as a Mentee

Find out what you want
And reach your goals together with your mentor.

And experience great activities and adventures with your mentor.

Connect & create a great relationship
Your mentor listens to you, supports and motivates you.

Improve your grades
Your mentor will help you to define the right study strategies.

Discover your potential
You are your biggest influencer.

Join us and become a Mentee!

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