Become a real changemaker

ROCK YOUR LIFE! brings university students and VMBO students together through one-on-one mentoring. As a mentor you will receive professional training and guidance to accompany a student to help develop their potential.

In addition to the training sessions, mentors will meet with mentees on a regular basis to support him/her, set goals and to help achieve them. For example, a mentor can help a mentee with job applications or interviews. Furthermore, a mentor and mentee couple can also enjoy fun activities – whether it is going to the movies, playing football or chilling in the park.
ROCK YOUR LIFE! provides the perfect program for mentoring couples to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Additionally, you can get involved in your local ROCK YOUR LIFE! management team and become a real Changemaker.

As a Mentor you will support your mentee during the program. Moreover, you will deepen your knowledge about resilience and Emotional Quotient, strengthen your perseverance and your leadership skills. Benefit from the knowledge of our trainers and the experience our network can share with you and meet other students.

Your options


As a mentor you can not only do good and accompany your mentee on his/her way to a successful and happy future, but also grow personally and professionally.


As a social entrepreneur you can either gain leadership experience in the chairperson’s position, juggle with numbers as Treasurer, or demonstrate your organisational skills as a mentoring couple coordinator.


As founder you can bring ROCK YOUR LIFE! to your university and your city as a start-up.

Your advantages with ROCK YOUR LIFE!

Support a teenager Become a mentor and accompany a student like a big brother or a big sister

Develop yourself Become a mentor and accompany a student like a big brother or a big sister

Experience the community Win friends and broaden your network within your ROCK YOUR LIFE! society
Become a social entrepreneur Become a Chairman, Treasurer or Mentoring Coordinator and gain valuable practical experience
Experience diversity Get to know other worlds while supporting a teenager
Give something back to your community Volunteer and work for more educational justice
Find your balance to your studies Experience cohesion, a great team and exciting leisure activities in your club

Join us!

ROCK YOUR LIFE! is active in Amsterdam and in The Hague.

Get in contact with your local Changemakers and find out how you can rock with us:



Bring ROCK YOUR LIFE! to your city

“Thanks to RYL!, I have another great friend! My mentee and I connected immediately and even after having graduated, we are still in touch and meet up to catch up when we can.”