It happened again!
ROCK YOUR LIFE! Germany hosted the yearly Summit in Mannheim, where all chapters come together and have different workshops regarding RYL!. This time, ROCK YOUR LIFE! Nederland was was represented by 6 The Hague management team members and the founder of ROCK YOUR LIFE! Nederland Mrs Jimenez.

During this summit, which took place from the 17. to 19. May, all the ROCK YOUR LIFE! members attended different workshops, brainstormed for new ideas, talked about the vision and where they want to see RYL! in 10 years.

For our team, those were focused on project planning, self-management and reliability through good communication and appreciation.

Next to that, our own network grew, we got a lot of input and motivation from that summit , which we brought back to The Netherlands/The Hague. Now we are even more inspired to spread the ROCK YOUR LIFE! spirit throughout The Netherlands.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! Nederland represented in Germany